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ProChart Strategy & Test

A profoundly different way to develop, test, and run trading strategies.

Developed for brokers, dealers, trading platform developers and others in the Financial Services sector.

PST not only provides an application to build and test but to automatically run and monitor from one to many concurrent strategies.

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ProChart Strategy and Test (PST) uses an intuitive and highly interactive approach to building strategies, an approach that encourages iteration. Start with a strategy framework or some loose relationship you would like to explore.
Either way, give it a try, you'll get feedback instantly and lots of ideas... guaranteed!

An application that builds your brand
because it builds your business

An application whose value proposition promotes a strong connection between platform and user. Trading strategies are more than an intellectual exercise, they are an investment. An investment that aligns trade opportunities with sustainable trade volume.

Millennials to Baby-Boomers; generations don't trade, people trade, and they trade because uncertainty provides opportunity. It is a zero-sum game, and those who come prepared will, on average, outperform those who don't... simple.

  • These are traders you need; more sustainable, larger accounts, more trades
  • Use strategy forums and social media to leverage trading ideas and strategies
  • Promote third-party strategy contributions and development
  • If you already have a trader-based education program, add PST, trading ideas and strategies to the mix – periodic webinars, occasional live events

The Ins and Outs of a Strategy

Strategies are largely a set of entry and exit rules. Rules in turn are made up of conditions. An example of a simple condition is: price reaching or above a 55 day exponential moving average but conditions can be virtually anything that establishes a relationship between two or more variables.

Rules are necessary for a trading strategy but they aren’t sufficient. Conditions define when a Rule is true but Actions describe what to do. When a Rule is true an Action is triggered, an entry order or exit order is placed. In general, Actions trigger buy, sell, short and cover orders but more specifically, a variety of order types are supported; market, limit, stop, trailing stop, take profit, OTO, and OCO.

Strategy and Test for Traders – programmer and non-programmer alike… really!

Most traders aren’t programmers, and PST’s truly innovative strategy Builder allows a trader to concentrate on logic and discovery to create strategies rather than learning a programming language. The strategy Builder's condition editor, navigation tree, pseudocode (readable code that summarizes your Strategy), in-place error handling, all work together to help the trader build effective non-trivial strategies, without writing code.

Of course, any non-programming method to develop a strategy has limitations, and as good as PST’s Builder is, it too has limitations. On the other hand, if the trader is a JavaScript programmer or knows someone who is, PST’s trading API can be used to build just about any strategy imaginable. Why JavaScript? Simple; public domain (non-proprietary), fast, powerful, always improving development tools, relatively simple and familiar syntax, and maybe the most widely used language on the planet.

Money Management is Risk Management

A large part of strategy development is risk management and ProChart Strategy and Test offers three different account management options, Raw, Cash and Margin.

Raw mode allows the trader to set up conditions, entry/exit signals, and evaluate a strategy’s overall effectiveness without having to consider resource limitations. Once armed with a promising strategy, the trader can then move to a Cash or Margin account to optimize order size and risk management.

Cash and Margin accounts operate as virtual trading accounts allowing the trader to iterate through various order sizing and risk management options. Both, Cash and Margin, accounts offer numerous settings than can be used to simulate real accounts.

There’s More to it than Meets the Eye

From a purely technical standpoint, the PST architecture allows for a great deal of configuration flexibility and customization.

Want to modify the UI, no problem. Want strategies to run even if the client platform is off line? Want to run PST on a Java server and use an HTML front end? Want to use PST in a .NET environment? (Ask us about our proprietary translation software that takes Java to .NET, and JavaScript). PST can be configured and used as a powerful scanner, capable of generating filtered watch lists, sorting by Rule, and to send alerts.

Have something else in mind? Just let us know; we enjoy hearing from you.